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New Product Appraisal Meeting vun Interspinous Fixatioun System vun Jishuo Medical war erfollegräich ofgehalen

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Conference Introduction

In the afternoon of April 1, 2023, the new product appraisal meeting of "interspinous fixation system" hosted by the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Jiangsu Province was grandly held in Changzhou Jishuo Medical Equipment Co. The relevant leaders of Changzhou City Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Wujin District Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Wujin Industrial Policy Section, and West Taihu Lake Economic Development Bureau attended this new product appraisal meeting; the new product appraisal committee of Jishuo Medical Interspinous Fixation System was established at the meeting, and the committee members: Professor Tang Hai of Beijing Friendship Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, Professor Yang Qun of the First Hospital affiliated to Dalian Medical University, Professor Li Chun of Capital Medical University and Professor Li Chun of Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine affiliated to Capital Medical University. Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine affiliated to Capital Medical University, Prof. Li Chungen, Prof. Liao Bo from Tangdu Hospital of Air Force Military Medical University, Prof. Yao Haoqun from the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, Prof. Zhang Erlin from Northeastern University, Prof. He Kunjin from Hehai University, Prof. Zhang Zhiyong from Huabei General Hospital of Miners and Prof. Zhao Hong from Changzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine; Chairman Jiang Xiaofeng, Senior Vice President Kou Wanfu and other senior executives attended the appraisal meeting and witnessed together the They witnessed the new concept, new technology and new application of "interspinous fixation system", and the latest achievement of Jishuo medical innovation.

Conference session

In the report session, Mr. Kou Wanfu gave a comprehensive explanation of the new product "interspinous fixation system", and the leaders and experts also questioned and discussed the product from multiple angles, such as material, structure, performance and clinical advantages, and reviewed the product investigation report, testing report and other related information.

The appraisal committee considered that the product "interspinous fixation system" has the following characteristics in terms of technology: it realizes the role of immediate fixation in clinical application; it can achieve interspinous and interlaminar bony fusion in postoperative rehabilitation; the appearance design realizes continuous multi-segmental application (can be applied to the L5-S1 gap); in clinical aspect, the product can be combined with other clinically, the product can be combined with other surgical procedures to improve the efficacy and reduce complications.

The appraisal committee highly evaluated the technical innovation work of Jishuo Medical. The appraisal committee unanimously agreed that the declared new product documents are complete and standardized, and the product technical indexes, experimental parameters and quality control are in line with the appraisal requirements, and the product has reached the domestic leading level (the first of its kind in China).

Zesummefaassung vum Meeting

Meeting silhouette

The successful convening of the new product appraisal meeting of "interspinous fixation system" marks another solid step in the new product research and development work of Jishuo Medical, which will continue to grow into an international enterprise oriented by technological innovation and leading core technology in the future.

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